What issues does Mayhem find that my other tools don't?

Hello. Thanks for answering my previous questions. I am still a bit unclear on why I would want to add Mayhem to my arsenal. What issues does it find that other pentesting tools don’t?


One key thing that Mayhem will provide you is a proof-of-defect that will allow you to reproduce the defect/vulnerability. You can pass this proof-of-defect directly to your application completely independent of Mayhem, even from the command line if you want. In addition, we provide a backtrace, disassembly, register states, and memory maps at the time the defect was discovered.

Unlike Static Analysis tools, we don’t inundate you with hundreds of false positives and code correctness warnings. We will show you the defect and show you how to reproduce the defect that Mayhem discovered.

Federal Solutions Architect