Tools to reduce exploitable vulnerabilities

I need to make sure there are no exploitable vulnerabilities in our applications attack surface. Can Mayhem help with this?


We have 3 different methods that can be used to analyze the attack surface of your application. First, we can take a binary copy of your application and package it for Mayhem. If your application has dependencies, we can package those with the binary. Once your binary and any depenedencies are packaged, we can submit it to Mayhem for analysis.

Next, we have the capability to run binaries within a docker enviornment. If you have an application with a lot of dependencies, you can build it in docker and then pass that docker image to Mayhem for analysis. This way, your application runs in its native environment with all the resources and dependencies that it needs.

Additionally, if there are specific areas of your code that you want to target, you can create a software harness for that specific function. This is more surgical and allows you to analzye only the function(s) that you want specifically and not the entire binary.

Federal Solutions Architect

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