Submitting something currently in the pipeline

At the moment, the rules are that a submission that integrates a new repo is invalid if it is already integrated by mayhemheroes, which can be checked by whether or not the mayhemheroes github account has already forked that repo. There was some discussion on Discord on if you would be able to make public the submission queue, as if someone is to start on integrating a new repo there is some risk that repo was already submitted and in the queue, and there is no good way to detect this if the queue is private. I was wondering if you would be able to promise that if this situation arises, where if person A submits a valid integration with a new repo after another person B make a separate submission on that repo, but before it is accepted, person A’s submission will not count towards the 20 submission cap? I feel this is a good middle ground to quell submitters’ fears while you don’t have to do any extra work. Thanks!

The way the current processing works is by checking if there are 20 repos with the same email that have not been rejected or are still in the backlog. So in this case, backlog submissions would not count towards the 20 cap.