Mayhem Heroes Phase III + Program Update

Hi folks -

Thank you for the patience as we sorted through the Mayhem Heroes Phase 3 Submissions - this was by far the most active round yet, with hundreds of projects submitted in the last week before deadline alone.

Phase Three submissions have (finally) been processed, accepted projects are in the process of being notified , and payments will go out in the next two weeks!

Mayhem Heroes started off three years ago with a vision to improve the security of open source software by democratizing security testing. Since that time, thousands of projects have been analyzed using Mayhem by heroes participants - helping open source maintainers deliver patches and improvements to critical pieces of software.

Unfortunately, with the groundswell of participation in Phase 3, the Mayhem Heroes budget has been exhausted - and the program will be ending at this time. After Phase 3 payments and updates are made, this forum will be taken offline as well. Accepted projects will continue to be available in the mayhem-heroes repository.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to



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