How to download and install Mayhem CLI

Welcome to Mayhem Tips and Tricks series! Our goal is to help you learn about the best features of Mayhem in small bite-size chunks. Today, we will explain how you can download and install the Mayhem CLI.

So you want to use the Mayhem Command Line Interface (CLI), but you are not sure how. Look no further! Below are a few considerations to keep in mind when downloading and installing the Mayhem CLI.

The Basics:
First, login to the Mayhem web interface from a Linux client or a macOS client. Look for your name in the upper right corner. Right below “My Profile”, you should see:

>_ Download Mayhem CLI

Click on it to get to the Download page.

Downloading and Installing the Mayhem CLI image3.png\ 243x215

You will see two options. Select one. You can download the installer directly to your client workstation from the web interface. Or, you can open a terminal and install directly from the command line. When using “Installing from Download”, just click on either the package for macOS or Linux. The file will go into your downloads directory. Follow the instructions to move the file from your Downloads directory to /usr/local/bin and grant permission to execute.

When “Installing Via Command Line”, select either macOS or Linux. If you highlight the line, you will see a copy button which will allow you to copy and paste to the command line.

The curl command will download the Mayhem CLI, set the permissions, and move to the correct location for it to be executed, all in one step. Once this happens, you can type in mayhem --help to get a listing of all the Mayhem CLI commands.

That’s it! We hope that you found this Tips and Tricks article helpful.