How to build Dockerfile in hackathon-exercises repo

I am trying to do perform the GitHub integration with Mayhem but was unsure about how to modify the docker file in the last exercise of the hackathon. I have tried many things, but they all result in a failure in the RUN statements such as RUN gcc -g fuzzme.c -o fuzzme.c. Most likely the exact same commands from the lab2b file will not be included.

What RUN lines and COPY lines need to get added to Dockerfile to get the build process working properly?

Remember at this point in the exercise, the example project we’ve been working on uses cmake. So instead of simply invoking the compiler directly inside your Dockerfile, you need to use CMake.

Look back at these instructions: hackathon-resources/ at main · mayhemheroes/hackathon-resources · GitHub

If this doesn’t help, let me know.

Yes thank you, figured it out!

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