How to add, deactivate, and delete users (as Admin)

Welcome to Mayhem Tips and Tricks series! Our goal is to help you learn about the best features of Mayhem in small bite-size chunks. Today, we’ll teach you how to add, deactivate or delete users in your organization, as well as a few other neat things you can do with user management.

NOTE: Many of these actions require administrator privileges.

In Mayhem, there are many things you can do to manage your users. These are all available from the user management page, which you can access by clicking the dropdown under your profile on the left-hand side of the Mayhem Web UI:

As you start your deployment, the first thing you might want to do is add users to your instance. There are two ways to do this: inviting them and adding them manually.

Adding Users:
To add users, you can click “Add User”, here:

This will allow you to set user details like name and email, and will send the user a link to set their password and log in for the first time.

If you click the other option, you can also invite users. This allows them to set these details themselves. You can then send the link manually or have Mayhem send the link automatically:

Finally, if your Mayhem instance is set up with a federated SSO solution like Okta or Google Auth, users will be able to login and create their accounts by simply signing in to Mayhem.

Deactivating Users:

To deactivate users, find your user and select the ellipsis dropdown to the right:

This user will no longer be able to login. They can be reactivated at a later time if you wish.

Delete User:

To delete a user, select the “Delete” option instead. This cannot be undone, and users cannot be restored at a later time.

Before we go - there’s one other cool thing you can do for user management. The last option, “Set Resource Limits”, actually allows you to enforce certain limits on a per-user basis. Selecting the option brings up the following window:

Here, we can see that this user can have no more than 100 active runs at a time, and that no run can last longer than 300 seconds.

And that’s all you need to know for user management! We hope that you found this Tips and Tricks article helpful.