How to access, share and print a Mayhem Defects Report

Welcome to Mayhem Tips and Tricks series! Our goal is to help you learn about the best features of Mayhem in small bite-size chunks. Today, we will explain how to access, share and print a Defects Report generated by Mayhem.

After you’ve analyzed a target and found defects with Mayhem, you might want to share an overview of the results with a manager or colleague. Mayhem allows you to export a report suitable for exporting to a PDF file or printing within the web interface.

You can generate a defect report on the run page by opening the menu accessed by clicking on the button next to the run number and selecting “Defects Report.”

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On the Defects Report page, you’ll see all the defects found during the run. From there, click Print, and you will see a print preview. Here, you can print the report save to a PDF using your browser’s or Operating System’s Save to PDF ability.

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You can easily share the generated defects report across your organization for an at-a-glance view of Mayhem’s findings.

Click here to see a sample report.

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