How Mayhem can fit in our pipeline

Hi there.

I am trying to figure out how Mayhem can fit in our pipeline. Is there a document outlining this perhaps?


We’re working hard on developing an end-to-end workflow showing how Mayhem can help you fuzz your targets and flag builds which have Mayhem issues. See the below for a visual depiction of how this workflow should look:

In this workflow, we see that Mayhem behavior testing occurs asynchronously, that is, apart from your regularly running jobs. This generates new test cases and uncovers new paths in your applications. Meanwhile, you have regression tests running on merge requests. This runs the existing corpus of a target, which should take on the order of a few seconds, to make sure that no passing test cases are now failing. These two methods together ensure that you keep your pipeline moving, while robustly testing and covering your application’s attack surface.