Error: buildx call failed with: error: denied: installation not allowed to Write organization package

I don’t understand this error. I am successfully able to start mayhem from my CLI. But Something is wrong when I try to push the docker image through Github actions. I checked the permissions in my packages too. It is set to write.

I found the solution. Managing GitHub Actions settings for a repository - GitHub Docs
Under Workflow permissions, I chose read and write access for all scopes.

Good to hear that you found the solution! I have seen this pop up as well when an action is being run as part of a PR (meaning that the referenced image the PR submitter no longer has access to), or when the package itself isn’t public or hasn’t been linked to a repository. Let me know if you run into any other issues!

I just wanted to update this question with a couple of other issues and resolutions other users have encountered:

  1. Make sure the package is public
  2. Make sure that your workflow has write access to your package
  3. Make sure that your repository is linked to your package

If you haven’t yet published your package, make sure you push your image to first (link), i.e.:

docker login -u <github username>
docker push<github username>/<package name>