Can Mayhem be deployed into an accredited/classified network?

Hello again. Can Mayhem be deployed into an accredited/classified network?

Yes! Mayhem on-prem installations do not require any connectivity with the internet or outside world, so you can deploy them into secure enclaves - we have plenty of defense customers doing exactly that. Note that Mayhem may be considered by DoD as a “hacking tool”, and as such is subject to some network restrictions, as some networks do not allow “hacking tools” to be installed. Check with your supervisor.

One additional caveat I should provide to give the above answer more context: we have deployed Mayhem fuzzing technology within the United States Department of Defense specifically, so most of our processes and security compliance is based on what the U.S. DoD requires. Militaries and other sensitive governmental organizations hailing from other countries, sovereign bodies, or autonomous regions may have requirements or security policies we have not encountered, so keep this in mind when considering deploying Mayhem.

In general, it’s best to reach out to the team directly to ask about your specific use case or requirements. We’re friendly, and we’re here to help!